Indigenous Education Resource Library

The Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario created the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) to coordinate the work of Catholic Associations and organizations in writing Catholic curriculum within the parameters established by the Ministry of Education. The seven partner organizations and associations who constitute ICE have commissioned this database to assist Catholic educators to respond to the Calls to Action that relate to education within the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report, and to current and emerging initiatives of the Ministry of Education with respect to Indigenous education.

These are important areas to address through curriculum in Ontario’s Catholic schools. Our mandate is to create and/or identify resources appropriate for use in Catholic schools, and to support teachers to address the curriculum through the lens of gospel values and our faith tradition, reflecting the distinctive nature and mandate of our Catholic schools.

This ICE initiative undertakes to produce and facilitate the distribution of resources that will effectively support efforts to address these issues within Catholic schools. Catholic educators wishing to identify, recommend or to contribute additional Indigenous education resources are invited to submit appropriate content by contacting indigenouseducation@iceont.ca